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"The Rape of Persephone" also known as "Pluto and Proserpina"  (1622) is a marble statue depicting the abduction of Persephone by Hades was created by Italian artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini. I picked this statue because of the movement, it not only depicts the characters of the popular Greek and Roman myth, it depicts them in action. Because of the twisting and pulling of the two bodies, each angle presents a different part of the story. From the left it shows Pluto rushing to grab her. From the front, it shows their arrival in the underworld, and the right we see Persephone’s prayer to her mother Ceres to save her from the Underworld (shown with Cerberus the guardian dog). This telling of a story through sculpture is aided by Bernini’s amazing talent with details, making the marble look like warm skin. Look at the close-up of Pluto’s grasp on her leg, how his fingers indent her skin. It’s hard to believe this is marble. Bernini’s sculpture is dynamic and moving, but detailed and lifelike. 

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    I _love_ that shot of his hands on her leg/waist. How is that stone? I can _feel_ bruises coming up on my own thigh...
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